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     * //​IsTapEnabled//​ = true     * //​IsTapEnabled//​ = true
     * //​Visibility//​ = Visibility.Visible     * //​Visibility//​ = Visibility.Visible
 +====Title bar====
 +In Windows 10 Microsoft has exposed programmability into the application title bar through the //​ApplicationViewTitleBar//​ and //​CoreApplicationViewTitleBar//​ classes. ​
 +  * Using the //​ApplicationView.TitleBar//​ property, you can set the foreground and background colors of the title bar.
 +  * Using the //​ApplicationView.Title//​ property, you can set the text that appears on the title bar. 
 +  * Using the //​CoreApplicationViewTitleBar.ExtendViewIntoTitleBar//​ property, you can overlay the title bar with your content. ​
 +  * Using the //​Window.Current.SetTitleBar(RectTitleBar)//​ method, you can define a //​UIElement//​ to serve as the custom title bar for a window. This allows you to use any part of the surface of the RectTitleBar //​Rectangle//​ to move the window. ​
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