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Visual Studio

Examples of post-build or pre-build event command lines:

xcopy "$(ProjectDir)..\MyProject\*.*" "$(TargetDir)" /Y
copy /Y /A "$(ProjectDir)description.txt" "$(OutDir)description.txt"
xcopy /Y /S "$(SolutionDir)SharedFiles\*" "$(TargetDir)"  

Track active item in Solution Explorer:


Shortcut Description
- Set the cursor on the name of the interface
- Press Ctrl + .
- Select “Implement interface”
Implement an interface
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+X Show code snippets
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+S Surround a highligted block of code with if, try/catch, for, #region, etc.
Ctrl+R, Ctrl+M Extract a method
Ctrl+M, Ctrl+O Collapse to definitions
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+D Format source code
Ctrl+- Go to the previous location
F2 Refactoring: Rename
Alt+F12 XAML: Peek ThemeResources, event handlers, etc.
F12 XAML: Go to a style definition in generic.xaml
if TAB TAB Insert a snippet for the 'if' statement
Right-click Right-click > Snippet > Insert Snippet > Choose: NetFX, Test, Visual C#

Other shortcuts:

Shortcut Description
Win+R and type Winver Show your Windows version

During debugging:

  • Fade a tip by pressing Ctrl
  • Hover over the breakpoint icon to show Settings, Disable breakpoint.

Windows Explorer:

  • Right-click in a window > Open in VS
  • Shift + Right-click in a window > Open PowerShell window here


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