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WUDSN IDE is a free integrated Apple II, Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Atari 8-bit, C64 and NES development plugin for Eclipse provided by Jac!


What How
Show a file in Project Explorer Click the tab in the editor where the file is located > Navigate > Show In > Project Explorer
Open the containing folder in Windows Explorer Right click a workspace (i.e., a folder) or a file in Project Explorer > Open Folder
Assembler > Open Source Folder
Open the output folder in Windows Explorer Assembler > Open Output Folder
Create a linked folder File > New > Folder > [Advanced] > Link to alternate location > [Browse] > [Finish]
Configure the output folder Window > Preferences > Assembler > Atari 8-bit Compilers > Output Folder section
Remarks: Set the output folder to Fixed Folder if you want an emulator to read it as a hard-drive.
Change the default case for content assist Window > Preferences > Assembler > Default Case for Content Assist


Key Description
Ctrl+7 block comment
Ctrl+Space shows content assist
. shows content assist for directives
Ctrl turns a label or a filename into a hyperlink; used in cross-file navigation


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