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WUDSN IDE is an Atari 8-bit, Apple II, Atari 2600, Atari 7800, C64 and NES development plugin for Eclipse provided by Jac! Follow the step-by-step installation instruction and the Get Started video guide.

Shortcut Meaning Description
Ctrl+Space Content assist Shows a drop-down list containing compiler directives, opcodes, and pseudo-opcodes. Red opcodes are illegal. Green opcodes are aliases or compiler shortforms. You can open a menu containing just directives by typing a dot or a hashtag and waiting half a second.
Ctrl+7 Block comment Toggle comments on a highlighted block of code.
Ctrl Hyperlink Highlight a label, filename, etc. and press Ctrl. This turns the label into a hyperlink and allows you to navigate to the label even if it is in a different file. If you highlight the name of an include file that does not existing, the file will be created.


To include an external file in MADS use:

  • ICL - to include a source file
  • INS or .GET - to include a binary file

By hovering over the binary filename and pressing Ctrl, you enable the hyperlink shortcut to supported editors:

  • Hex Editor
  • Graphics Editor - more on the Graphics Editor in WUDSN IDE Tutorial 6. The editor displays and converts graphics files.
  • Default Editor
  • System Editor

Eclipse IDE

Workspace is a folder containing your projects. The projects are also folders located in the workspace folder.

Menu Description
Help > Tips and Tricks Shows “How To” articles such as Automatic Save of dirty editors or Collapsing all open items.
Help > Show Active Keybindings Shows all keyboard shortcuts.
Help > Help Contents > WUDSN IDE Guide Video Tutorials, Assemblers, Hardwares (Atari 8-bit: ANTIC, GTIA, POKEY), CPUs
Window > Preferences > General > Editors > Text Editors Allows you to customize your text editor: Tab width, Insert spaces for tabs, Show line numbers. Also: Annotations, Hyperlinking, Linked Mode, Quick Diff, Spelling.
Window > Preferences > General > Content Types; From the tree on the right: Text > Assembler Source File; Click on MADS Source File Allows you to manage file extensions and editors.
Window > Preferences > General > Editors > File Associations - Shows editors associated with file extensions.
- Allows you to set a default editor for a given file extension.
- You can override the default editor later by right-clicking on a filename and selecting another editor from the Open With submenu. Eclipse keeps this information for each file.
Window > Preferences > Assembler > Default Case for Content Assist Allows you to change the default case for content assist.
Window > Show View > Outline Show the Outline view
Navigate > Show In > Project Explorer Show the current file in the Project Explorer

Show views:

Create a linked folder: right-click on a folder in the Project Explorer and select New > Folder > [Advanced] > Link to alternate location:

Show only problems for an item selected in the Project Explorer:

WUDSN IDE Guide in Help > Help Contents:

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